Tankless Water Heater Repairs & Maintenance

One more quick thing about code to out  that I forgot a couple years ago we had  somewhere around 30 inches of snow here  in central Virginia up north of us in  Washington DC and Maryland three for  fetus nut and we have a lot of code  twelves there because the vents were  blocked they came out of the sidewall  below the snow the unit’s couldn’t  breathe so that’s another thing that can  cause code 12 as a block then if you’ve  had some kind of crazy weather event and  all of a sudden you have a problem with  your water heater it’s a big clue  something weather-related has caused  your problem pretty easy to fix if you  do have something like that if snow is  blocking your vent please be careful  don’t break the vent when you’re digging  it out use your shovel around it use  your hands next to it  don’t break the mint okay to clear the  bed all right  next thing I want to talk about is code  61 that is typically a fam code if you  have a code 61 and would look that up it  would say combustion fan failure the fan  most likely has not failed although  that’s possible what’s more common is it  has got stink bugs in it wash a lizard a  snake some kind of critter has gotten up  in there mice maybe the house is sat for  a while  mice have found their way up into the  vent built a nest in the fan all these  things have happened  61 error code is somebody’s gonna have  to remove that fan clean it out and  inspect it and if something’s in it  clean it put it back together.

If  something’s not in it then you may need  a part you may need a fan but code 61 is  a combustion fan there  and most often it is sucked full of  something some farm but there are little  critters and you need to clean it out  and put it back together again these are  things that should be done by saying  with me authorized service provider next  code the next code I want to talk to you  about is the LC error code this is  Rinnai specific I don’t know if anyone  else who has an LC error code some  manufacturers will tell you you should  have these machines flushed annually I  disagree  if you have a run-on you don’t need to  flush it annually it will tell you when  it needs flushing it has an LC error  code the way that works is the computer  is paying attention to how long it takes  for the machine to cool off after each  cycle and if it takes too long to cool  off three times in a row it pops an LC  error code shuts the heater down you  have no hot water you have to go turn  the unit off and back on again and will  restart and you’ll see the LC error code  beep in and blinking that’s your clue to  have the water heater service your  technician can come out and do a flush  on it remove the hardness clean a few  components inside and have you good as  new in about an hour’s time no big deal  other units other manufacturers.

If you  want to if you know you have hard water  maybe every couple of years not that big  a deal if you have super hard water you  should be treating it anyway you should  not be feeding mud alive and stunned  through these heaters or a tank heater  either for that matter it will ruin  everything  so the LC error code is something you  need to deal with if you ignore it if  you boot that heater three times on the  third time it’s a hard lockout you will  have no hot water until you have it  serviced so do not ignore that problem  if it is a commercial installation a  restaurant and you’re getting the LC  error codes restaurants run much higher  temperatures and homes do the higher the  temperature you run the faster the  heater can scale up saying well the tank  water heater the difference is a tank  water heater wears out in a year or two  you throw in the trash with one of these  if you have hot water and a restaurant  or other commercial application running  at high temperatures then yes absolutely  put it on an annual maintenance schedule  flush it once a year maybe more if you  have awfully hard water and super high  temperatures just depends on the  operation and your  our conditions these are questions that  your authorized service provider can  help you with so that’s the LC error  code specific to the renowned brands the  next code.

I want to talk to you about is  the code 14 the code 14 with most of  these manufacturers is a part refers to  a part called a fusible link it melts at  a given temperature if you have a code  14 you’re finished you have a major  problem with that water heater it is not  coming back on you can push all the  buttons in the world you can unplug it  plug it back in whatever you want to do  promise it’s not going to run something  major has happened and you need to call  you authorized service provider the code  14 means that a piece has in high  temperatures and melted open the circuit  has melted open you have to have the  water heater service and something else  is going on in code 14 as a symptom it’s  not the problem so if you have a code 14  you need to have your tech determine  what in the world happened that caused  that code 14 so again this is not a  common problem but I wanted to put this  out there if you do see a code 14 don’t  hire a flunkey go to your manufacturers  website regardless of brand and hire a  local trained insured licensed  authorized service provider and have  them fix your water heater all right now  we’re going to talk about a couple of  problems that are very very common but  not a problem with the water heater it’s  a problem in your house the first thing .

I want to talk to you about is the  filter if you refer back to the first  video if you have a flow problem the  first thing you should be doing is  cleaning the filter not going to redo  that go watch the other video don’t want  to take up the time here the second  thing I want to talk to you about is a  cross connection maybe you had something  done in the home some new plumbing works  something installed and a plumber  crossed the water lines hooked up the  hot to the cold and cold and hot that  creates a cross connection and it can  cause weird problems with the water  heater now any plumber that says he’s  never crossed the water line or never  had a leak it’s either his first day or  he’s not telling you the truth  been doing this for a very long time all  plumbers have had these problems  everyone makes mistakes if you’ve had a  recent plumbing project completed and  now you’re having trouble with your  water here  that’s where you need to look first okay  so cross connections are really quite  common  another thing that will happen is a  low-flow washing machine if you leave  them set on warm sometimes the solenoid  valves are half open on each side and  that allows a cross connection right  there another very very common cross  connection is a mop sink a laundry tray  something like that where someone screws  a Y connector or a hose connector onto  it and they run it out to the hose to  wash the car something or anything but  they turn off the valve at the hose or  leave the valves on at the faucets.